[Mono-list] Benchmark information needed.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Aug 2002 21:24:03 -0400


> >    I would appreciate if people can patch their Mono runtime with this
> > patch and run the enclosed test and report back the times as well as the
> > machine type they are using.
> Mono runtime unpatched:
>  Elapsed: 00:01:42.6750260
>  Elapsed: 00:01:42.6634370
>  Elapsed: 00:01:42.6435050
> Mono runtime patched:
>  Elapsed: 00:01:41.5135470
>  Elapsed: 00:01:41.5087190
>  Elapsed: 00:01:41.5082340

Oh!  This is most excellent news!  Because I was a bit disappointed to
not notice any difference on my machine.

Would it be possible for you to time the MCS compilation time as well?

cd mcs/mcs
make -f makefile.gnu mcs.exe
time mono mcs.exe /target:exe  -o mcs2.exe assign.cs attribute.cs driver.cs cs-parser.cs cs-tokenizer.cs tree.cs location.cs cfold.cs class.cs codegen.cs const.cs constant.cs decl.cs delegate.cs enum.cs ecore.cs expression.cs genericparser.cs interface.cs literal.cs modifiers.cs namespace.cs parameter.cs pending.cs report.cs rootcontext.cs statement.cs support.cs typemanager.cs