[Mono-list] Corlib/nunit build on linux

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 16:27:55 -0700

But that's not the case, the corlib that's used to run mcs.exe is in the
'install' directory (~/mono/install/lib), but the output is going into
the CVS directory (~/mono/mcs/class/lib). There's no overlap.

Besides, it's irrelevant. Mcs/makefile.gnu builds corlib, then nunit.
There's no place in between where it renames corlib_mcs.dll to
corlib.dll and the nunit makefile explicitly references
'../class/lib/corlib.dll' so the following is broken:

cd ~/mono/mcs
make -f makefile.gnu clean   (this deletes mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll)
make -f makefile.gnu         (this requires it, but doesn't build it)

Unless anyone has any objections, I'm going to change
corlib/makefile.gnu to output corlib.dll instead of corlib_mcs.dll (I've
been building mcs and mono with this change for a while on my machine
and it works fine).


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> Hi!
> >Can someone explain this to me, I'm confused:
> >
> >1) on linux, the corlib makefile creates > 
> >mcs/class/lib/corlib_mcs.dll,
> but
> >2) the nunit makefile references mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll
> >
> >On my machine, the nunit build is failing because 
> >mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll doesn't exist.
> >
> >Is there any reason why we're calling it corlib_mcs.dll ?
> >
> >Piers.
> After creating corlib_mcs.dll, you must rename it to 
> corlib.dll to use this 
> library.
> corlib_mcs.dll is created, because the library corlib.dll is 
> needed if you 
> want to compile a program or a library.
> And if youz compile a program, it would be at first deleted 
> and then it 
> would be step by step created.
> But corlib.dll is needes by mcs, so you can not create it, in 
> the same time. 
> Thats the reason, why the created library have ann other name.
> But rename corlib_mcs.dll to corlib.dll, then you can use 
> your selfmade 
> corlib.
> Greatings
> Freddy BL
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