[Mono-list] strange mono initialization problem

Joseph Wenninger jowenn@jowenn.at
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:59:08 +0000


> The only limitation I know of is with the pthread library: to be able to
> dlopen a shared object that uses pthread (and have it work), your main
> application needs to be linked to libpthread as well. Is that already
> the case?

Yes, it is already linked against libpthread

> Of course a stack trace is always useful to check where the real problem
> is.

I tried that, but I couldn't get any usefull symbols displayed in gdb.

> lupus

I've narrowed the problem down a littlebit, it happens in io-layer/thread.c:

g_print("TlsSetValue: 9\n");

        if (!tls_gc_hash)
                tls_gc_hash = mono_g_hash_table_new(g_direct_hash, 
        g_print("TlsSetValue: 9a\n");

        mono_g_hash_table_insert (tls_gc_hash, MAKE_GC_ID (idx), value);
        g_print("TlsSetValue: 10\n");

the output line for 9a, is never reached.

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

PS: I'm using Suse 8.0