[Mono-list] SharpZipLib and NCvsLib compiles under mono.

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
12 Aug 2002 23:27:19 +0200

Erik Bågfors <erik@bagfors.nu> writes:

> Just wanted you all to know that both SharpZipLib and NCvsLib (from
> SharpDevelop fame) compiles under mono/mcs.  I had to do some small
> changes in SharpZipLib to get around bugs #28189 and #28407. But that's
> not rocket science :).  I also had to change NCvsLib to use SharpZipLib
> instead of NZipLib (the old name of SharpZipLib, NCvsLib still used that
> old name, I guess I could have gotten cvs-code instead of zip-files)
> The resulting dll's seams to have some errors in them though

Hi Erik,

do you still have this problem or is it already fixed in the meantime ?

If it still exists, I'll have a look at the generated dll's - either
mcs is generating wrong code for them or they're calling some method
in the runtime which has a bug in it.

Martin Baulig