[Mono-list] Need help: writing a COM control.

John John john.knipper@accor-services.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:21:52 +0200


>     I found that they have a control that handles the
> `ms-help:' prefix
>     Since the `ms-help:' happens to be some kind of handler that IE
> uses, I wonder if it is possible to write a COM control that
> would allow
> me to pull the stream of data that would be rendered by the ms-help:
> control.

this is called a plugable protocol. Said short, like you guess the requests
to the ms-help namespace are redirected to be handle by visual studio.

(extracted from iedelphi)
Asynchronous pluggable protocols enable developers to create pluggable
protocol handlers, MIME filters, and namespace handlers that work with
Internet Explorer version 4.0 and later and URL monikers.

There is not much documentation available on the MS-site and only a stupid
sample called etcprot. "More information will be provided in future versions
of this documentation", MS promise.

You can find the MS-documentation about pluggable protocols on the following



I know this does not solve your problem...