[Mono-list] More changes in corlib

Torstensson, Patrik patrik.torstensson@intel.com
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 18:06:45 +0100

Hi Paolo,

:-) I still have the binder stuff, just need to update it to fit the current
code base (changes has been done in MonoType) but that would be easy..

The binder I did was not fully implemented but it was a start, I'll try to
add it this week. I'm currently working on the System.Web runtime and would
like to make the config system ready first.


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On 08/06/02 Tim Coleman wrote:
> Here's a patch for some more changes that I would like to make in
> corlib.  These are required for my Xml serialization that I'm working
> on.
> The two classes affected are System.MonoType and
> System.Reflection.MonoProperty.

The proper implementation of these methods requires a Binder
implementation. Patrik has already done the work a few months ago: if
anyone can contact him and convince him to submit the patch that would
be great. Otherwise it needs to be reimplemented.


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