[Mono-list] Eclipse as C# sourceforge client - was: status of JANET

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
05 Aug 2002 14:20:40 -0400

> The only problem getting this to work on Linux is that mcs appears to take
> different command line parameters relative to MS's csc.  A little help with
> this project would allow them to work with mono and provide developers with
> a pretty sharp (pun intended) development environment that connects easily
> to sourceforge.  Either that or create a compatability mode for command line
> parameters that mimics csc.

As of a few weeks ago, MCS takes the same arguments as CSC.  The man
page and on-line help were only recently updated to reflect this though.

Notice that CSC and MCS both accept /option and -option.  We document
the later to people to use the most unique version of the option.