[Mono-list] Qt# 0.4 has been released

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 02:45:20 -0400

August 5th, 2002

Qt# 0.4 - A cross-platform GUI toolkit for Mono and Portable.Net [1], has been 

Download for source, binaries, tutorials and documentation:


Information and screenshots:


Debian apt source:

deb http://chemlab.org/~nick/debian unstable release
deb-src http://chemlab.org/~nick/debian unstable release

We've been hard at work over the last several months and now we're finally 
ready to bring you the latest release of Qt# codenamed "Purgative... Eewwww!"

* Preliminary support for Qt# on Microsoft.Net (manyoso)

* CreateDelegate and multiple custom slots (manyoso)

* Object tracking and determinstic destruction of unmanaged resources (n1ko)

* Support for events and localized Event Handling (manyoso)

* A nice set of tutorials that guide the developer in the differences between 
Qt/C++ and Qt# (marcusU)

* Debianized packages of qtcsharp and libqtc (n1ko)

* Better QString <-> string handling (n1ko/marcusU)

* Generated initial API docs courtesy of Portable.NET's documentation tools 

* Added Mandlebrot, a fractal viewer/generator to the samples section 

* Some fixes to the enum/constant mapping between Qt/C++ <-> Qt# (marcusU)

* Numerous bug fixes and bug reports (mostly marcusU)

* Better handling of the multiple inheritance issues with interfaces.  See 
QPaintDevice in particular ;-) (manyoso)

This release would not have been possible without the contributions of so 
many: Marcus Urban, Nick Zigarovich, Paolo Molaro, Dietmar Maurer, Mike 
Kestner, Rachel Hestilow, Miguel and the rest of the Mono/Ximian team, kind 
folks of DotGNU and PNet and most gratefully my wife Lisa for putting up with 
all the time I spend hunched over my computer coding furiously (not really, I 
mostly just screw around ;-)

[1] Qt# has also been know to work with another CLR... Microsoft's .Net :-)