[Mono-list] Generics support?

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Sun, 04 Aug 2002 20:19:49 +0200

William Wise wrote:
 > Has anyone thought of building support for generics into mono?  I know
 > they're not in Java or .NET (yet) so it would be interesting if Mono 
 > beat them to the punch.

Indeed, it would be cool to play around generics in C#.  IIRC, the C#
generics proposal is modelled after GJ (which is based on a lot of type
research done by Gilad Bracha, for example Strongtalk, a statically
typed Smalltalk) and is build upon the ILX, an extended IL instruction
set specially suited for all kinds of functional languages.

I was searching for ILX and found this link ->
http://research.microsoft.com/projects/ilx/fsharp.htm  Unfortunately,
this page if one of those which aren't correctly displayed by Mozilla
(probably Front Page 5.0's fault).

It about a new research language for .NET, F#, a mixture of OCaml, an
object oriented functional programming language based on ML, and that
parts of C# and other .NET languages that is required to interface the
.NET framework. The ML type system has parameterized types which
fullfill the same role as generic types in Java/C#.

I might prefer using a language like F# over C#. Don't know yet.  So
please support ILX (I don't know wether this needs a new runtime) for
mono :-)

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