[Mono-list] OT: C in mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
01 Aug 2002 09:00:25 -0400

> I assume there must be some sort of C coding style that you're all
> following. I don't mean indentation style, but rather a common way to
> express higher level constructs like classes, virtual functions, exceptions,
> allocating and freeing memory, namespaces. Where can I download such a
> guide?

The Mono runtime has to lay things out in a precise manner, so depending
on the C++ compiler to do this is not going to give you much. 

> I'm not a GNU/Linux guy (yet? ;-) but I've heard that gcc is not so good ad
> handling c++ code.

Actually, it is one of the most compliant C++ compilers

> I've also heard that it's not as portable as in C mode. Are there any more
> reasons why you avoid c++?

C++ has different versions of it.  Depending on your vendor, you will
get different features out of the language (for instance, the compliance
test will show you that the offerings differ wildly).

Mozilla/Netscape has a document on features you are not supposed to use
from C++ if you want to remain portable across systems.