[Mono-list] bug report

鯖崎疏 kevin-hua@woncore.com
Thu, 1 Aug 2002 12:4:5 +0800

	I am a c++ developer from China. And I want to
represent a test program that will causes error under 
mono 0.13 for windows. However, it runs correctly
under m$ .NET Framework. What causes this error under 
mono is redundant whitespace in format string for 
Console.WriteLine method. If remove these whitespaces,
we will see that it gives the same result under mono 
as it does under m$ .net framework!

sample code is as follows:

using System;

class FormatOut
	public static int Main()
		Console.WriteLine("Left Align 10:{0,  -10}", 99);
		Console.WriteLine("Right Align 10:{0,  10}", 99);
		return 0;

best regards for your amazing work