[Mono-list] CVS update error

Jared Parsons jparsons@jparsons.org
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 21:03:46 -0500

I was trying to build Mono today from scratch and I'm running into the 
following CVS error.  

	cvs server: Updating mono/samples/embed
	cvs update: move away mono/samples/embed/test.cs; it is in the way
	C mono/samples/embed/test.cs
	cvs update: move away mono/samples/embed/teste.c; it is in the way
	C mono/samples/embed/teste.c

Upon receiving this error, I deleted both of the files and updated again.  I 
received the same error so I just completley removed the directory embed and 
then did "cvs update -d".  I received the exact same error.  What do I need 
to do to resolve this issue.  Mono will not build when the cvs error occurs.  

Jared Parsons 
CS2130 TA