[Mono-list] RE: Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 Sep 2001 14:45:38 -0400

> WinForms is a pretty thin wrapper over the Windows API in some places. If you
> don't think the Windows is well written to start with then nothing in .Net is
> going to change your mind. Personally, I think it is going to be pretty hard to
> achieve 100% compatibility.  It takes a lot of work to remove the platform from
> the framework and appeal to developers at the same time.
> System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window - Uggh!

We wont be able to support most calls to the Win32 API, but in some
cases we might catch some of the calls.  For example, we can also
provide a handle to the window.  If the handle is only used for
some uniqueness purposes, we can implement the interface without

But if anyone ever PInvokes into Win32, then we loose.