[Mono-list] beta2 works with wine

Adam Treat manybooby@yahoo.com
27 Sep 2001 12:04:44 -0700

Just tried to install and run with wine --version 'Wine release

I downloaded the MS .NET SDK from:

I then tried to run the setup program which gave me this error:

	wine: can't exec 'setup.exe': error=21

I haven't played with wine very much so Your Mileage...  If anyone has
some hints or tips i would appreciate them.  Really itching to get
started, but not willing to install Windows ;)

On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 07:07, Miguel de Icaza wrote: 
> > I just compiled and run a "hello, world" C# application under Linux, using 
> > wine and MS's beta2 .NET SDK. It's quite slow (probably because having to 
> > load a bunch of dlls each time) but I'm very happy that I don't have to do 
> > development under Windows.
> These are excellent news Petru!
> Now the question is whether it is possible to install and run the .NET
> framework without even installing Windows (because some people despite
> having their Windows license sold forcefully did not keep a partition
> for it ;-)
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