[Mono-list] Troubles with mint

Sean MacIsaac macisaac@ximian.com
24 Sep 2001 19:31:22 -0400

Hello all,

In writing the new PlatformAbstractionLayer (which I think is as
complete as the old classes and much cleaner) I've come across the
following bug in mint:

public interface IHelloWorldWriter
	void WriteIt();

public class RealWriter : IHelloWorldWriter
	public void WriteIt()
		System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World using C#");

public class ProjectName {
	static void Main()
       		IHelloWorldWriter writer = new RealWriter();

This code should print the hello world statement (just like the simpler
version), but instead causes a core dumb as soon as it tries to call

The coredumb happens in ves_exec_method, on line 822:
822      sp = frame->stack = alloca (sizeof (stackval) * header->max_stack);

header is NULL in this case.