[Mono-list] Argh... ECMA & MS (was: Number style / format stuff)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
21 Sep 2001 00:53:57 -0400

Hey Derek!

> I've been working with the IFormattable, NumberFormatInfo, and data types
> for a bit now and going 90% off the ECMA docs. All the data types implement
> IFormattable so they all have a ToString(), ToString(string format), and
> ToString(string format, NumberFormatInfo). The data types in the docs define
> the behavior for them, such as Int32's ToSting() is the equivalent of
> calling, ToString("G", null). The IFormattable interface defines what to do
> for each type for each format. The behavior for what should happen when you
> enter n.ToString() is laid out, it just trips over itself in a couple places
> and MS' implementation walks around it. Nothing new, just another case of us
> trying to follow.

Those are great news!  (I am sorry that you are dealing with all the
pain in having to deal with the specification problems).