[Mono-list] Wrapper additions

Jim Richardson develop@wtfo.wtfo-guru.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 05:12:33 -0500

No, it hasn't been tested. I haven't spent much effort or time trying to 
figure out how to actually exercise our implementation on Windows. Since
our library uses the same namespace names as the .NET implementation I
assumed that it would be tricky specifying which to use. I do not think
the Wrapper.dll as currently implemented will function on Windows in a 
non cygwin environment.

I attempted to write a standard Win32 app to
test one of the previous methods I added to Wrapper.dll and was not
successful. In that attempt the Wrapper.dll successfully loaded as it
did export the DllMain function expected by Win32, but the other methods
did not appear to be exported in a Win32 fashion. I didn't delve deeply
into it and just assumed the linker under the cygwin environment used
a method specific to its implementation. I did see a note in one of 
the doc files that exe's created in the cygwin environment couldn't be
executed from a Windows DOS environment and let it go at that.

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> Yes, looks better ;-) Please commit. Although I think returning a String
> will not work with our current PInvoke implementation. Does that work on
> M$ platform without problems (is the code tested)?
> - Dietmar