[Mono-list] Running NUnit tests

Mads Pultz mpultz@get2net.dk
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:57:16 +0200


I have implemented some NUnit tests for some classes (System.Net.Dns and
System.Net.IPHostEntry) and I want to execute them using .NET. My problem is
that I can't override the definitions in .NET class library. Option
/nowarn:1595 removes any warnings during compilation, but the warnings tells
me that the .NET class library definitions will be used instead of my
overrided versions. For example:

DnsTest.cs(36,19): warning CS1595: 'System.Net.Dns' is defined in multiple
        places; using definition from

Any way to overcome this, besides from renaming namespace, so I can use my
class implementations during test runs?