[Mono-list] Wrapper additions

Jim Richardson develop@wtfo.wtfo-guru.com
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 07:17:00 -0500

Well actually, the thread safe comment can be removed as I had
originally intended on calling g_getenv from glib which isn't
thread safe when built with the NATIVE_WIN32 directive.

I don't understand what you mean by how I get the name of a directory?
The DirectoryInfo class knows "its" name and has several methods that return
information about "its" contents.

The Environment class has a method GetEnvironmentVariables which returns
all process environment variables and their values. Building that
dictionary seemed simplest to me by accessing the global environ variable.

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> Hi Jim,
> feel free to commit. Although I wonder how you get the name of a
> directory. We also need thread safe code, and do we really need
> mono_wrapper_environ?
> - Dietmar