[Mono-list] Embarrassing questions

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
18 Sep 2001 23:52:43 -0400

> 1. Does mono run on linux yet?  Or do I need to install it on my W2K box
> with cygwin?

The runtime works on Linux.  You can run `mint' (the Mono interpreter),
`testjit' the current front-end to the JIT engine, `monodis' to
disassemble CIL executables and pedump to get information on a PE-COFF

The mono tarball comes with pre-compiled DLLS for the basic runtime.

The C# compiler and the class libraries are written in C#, so for now
you will need a Windows system to re-compile those

> 2. Once I have it "installed" how do I compile and run a class file?  I'm
> dying to see "Hello World!" run.

You need to compile your hello world on Windows (I can probably upload
a bunch of sample programs for people to run, maybe that would be a
good idea).