[Mono-list] MCS namespaces/Driving MCS in-memory

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Sep 2001 15:37:25 -0400

> In truth I hope to have most of CIR namespace renamed Mono.Languages and 
> just have the CSharp's parser and tokenizer living in Mono.Languages.CSharp.

I can do that.  Not today, but I can try this week ;-)

The reason is that the compiler is being developed so fast right now
that every day we get more programs working and it is hard to not get

> ... there's another possibility: System.CodeDom.Compiler. The classes in 
> this namespace aren't in the ECMA list, but they are needed for ASP.NET 
> on-the-fly compilation of pages, and, I guess, for background compilation on 
> the code editor that tags syntax errors as you type.
> What do you all think? Which path should we follow, our own tree of classes 
> or CodeDom's ?

I initially implemented the CodeDom classes in Mono because I figured
they could be useful, but CodeDom is just a set of classes for
generating source code. 

So basically you populate the CodeDom, then the code *writes a file*
with the source code, and invokes the compiler on it.  It lacks all
sorts of useful stuff. 

That is why I went with my own classes.  After implementing everything
I saw that there was very little that could be done with the CodeDom