[Mono-list] NullReferenceException in rootcontext.cs

Ravi Pratap M ravi@ximian.com
17 Sep 2001 11:16:47 +0530

Hi Brian,

On 16 Sep 2001 16:12:20 -0400, Brian Jepson wrote:
> But I got an exception:
>   Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Value null was found
>   where an instance of an object was required.
>   at CIR.RootContext.IsNamespace(String name) in 
>   c:\bjepson\src\mono-15-Sep-01\mcs\mcs\rootcontext.cs:line 568

	Hey, sorry about that. It turns out that this was introduced by my
never-ending daftness ;-) Guess Miguel fixed it in CVS before I could
commit the same fix I had last night.

> great and looks very nice with ILDASM.  Great work - this is very nice to
> see!

	We are glad you like it !



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