[Mono-list] none-standardized classes and Mail API

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Sep 2001 22:07:02 -0400

> If I understand you correct you would prefer that the Mail API for Mono to
> be based on Camel. It makes sense because Ximian already has this mail API
> as a project. But how would you go about it? Make wrapper classes in C# that
> uses Camel or a 100% C# implementation. 

I would just translate into C# the existing C implementation. 

But a "quick" job could be to just wrap into C# accessor methods.

> Concerning the former how tired is
> Camel to the Gnome environment? 

It is not tied, it is a standalone C library.

> Concerning a C# implementation how would it
> be suitable to reuse the Camel code. A very close relationship by
> translating C structs to C# structs, or just use method implementations and
> translate to OO in C# (classes and inheritance)? Are there any other
> documentation on Camel other than the source?

The sources contain in-line API documentation, which should be pretty

> Concerning JavaMail. Is it likely that the existing JavaMail code (source or
> bytecode) will be able to run on top of the CLI platform? 

I am not sure about this, but JavaMail lacks various enhancements
that are needed (Jeff can provide more details on the differences)