[Mono-list] Wanabees and mentors?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Sep 2001 17:08:28 -0400

> 1 - what was the first thing you did when you started Mono? (ie.  did you
> read certain documention, try MS .NET Framework, etc...?)

Well, I was familiar with the .NET framework and C# a long time before
I started work on Mono.   The information I think is interesting to
read is on the http://www.go-mono.com/resources.html file.  The rest
of the web site has some more links as well.

> 2 - what were the first things you coded for Mono in general, and in
> particular for the compiler?

Mhm.  I started with the tokenizer (mcs/mcs/cs-tokenizer.cs), I later
did Jay, and the mcs/cs-grammar.cs followed by mcs/driver.cs.  The
rest has been evolving around those.

The runtime begun with the PE loading code, and the metadata loading
library (all in mono/mono/metadata)