[Mono-list] Visual Studio.NET Solution

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Sep 2001 15:14:25 -0400

> That is, if cspproj file is not somehow derived from makefile/src, this will
> lead to two sets of build files to be manually maintained in parallel.
> On the other hand, I have a scipt to create NAnt build files from Mono's
> build files. I'll take a look whether it's possible to generate csprojs in
> the same manner.

You are correct in the assumption that the current setup requires the
various .src files to exist.  

I am unhappy with the current build setup, and would love to have a
non-make tool that produces the executables in a different way.  

Currently the build system has the following problems:

	* The windows and unix targets are wrong and do not represent
          what they should do.  They were supposed to mean `I am
          compiling in the environment XXX'.  But in reality they mean
          `I am compiling the classes for environment XXX'

	  That should explain what is so wrong with our current

	* We probably can write a small program that concatenates all
          the various modes of src files and generates an
          NMAKE-compatible makefile (to reduce the dependency on
          Cygwin for example).

	* The meanting of the `windows' target should be: `Compile the
          runtime to work on Windows' and the target `unix' should
          mean `Compile the runtime to work on unix'. 

The above being said, I think:

	* We could have a tool that generates makefiles (either Unix
          make or Microsoft NMAKE) from the set of .src files that
          list what files need to be included in the build.

	* This can be done more efficiently that the current setup
          that uses a super-supoptimal mechanism to generate the list
          and pass it to the compiler.

Best wishes,