[Mono-list] none-standardized classes and Mail API

Mads Pultz mpultz@get2net.dk
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:30:44 +0200


First I would like to ask what your thoughts are about implementing .NET
classes which are not part of the standardization (ECMA TC39 TG3)? From the
source hierarchy and the web site I can see that System.Web is being
implemented and System.Windows.Forms is about to and as far as I know those
namespaces are not part of the standardization. MS can change the classes as
they fit which means that the classes have to be reimplemented (or at least
modified) to keep portability from .NET to Mono. My guess is that you have
decided that whether or not a change to the classes occurs trough ECMA or
directly from MS is irrelevant. If a change occurs the classes have to be
modified anyway and furthermore it will not be suitable for MS to change the
classes too often. It is more likely that functionality will be added, which
can be just as bad. Have to keep track on which version of .NET Mono
conforms to.

With that said, I would like to contribute to the Mono project, and have set
my eyes on a mail api. At http://www.go-mono.com/ideas.html the idea is to
base a mail api on JavaMail or Camel. But, what about System.Web.Mail that
comes with .NET? I know the classes in the namespace has limited
functionality compared to JavaMail (don't know Camel), only smtp support,
and the namespace is not part of the standardization. But wouldn't a
implementation of the namespace still be useful for the Mono project (e.g.
my earlier remarks on standardization)? Furthermore a later implementation
of a more extensive mail api could use the functionality of System.Web.Mail
namespace if applicable. How do you see it?

Mads Pultz