[Mono-list] Distributed memory version of the runtime

Savas Parastatidis Savas.Parastatidis@newcastle.ac.uk
Fri, 7 Sep 2001 16:11:40 +0100

Hi all,

I am new in this list. I am willing to contribute to the Mono project
wherever my humble skills could be useful and when my limited free time
allows it.

In the past I have worked on a runtime system for the parallel execution
of programs on clusters of workstations (lazy task creation, load
balancing, object-based distributed shared memory, etc.). I am
considering porting the runtime to .NET from C++, so I am interested in
getting involved with the work on the Mono runtime. I guess the Mono
license will allow source changes in the future for research/academic

Unfortunately, I cannot start work immediately on the project because I
have a contract with Hewlett Packard that does not allow me to
contribute to open source projects like Mono. However, I have already
resigned and I should very soon be free :-)

I am looking forward to working with you all (given the opportunity).

Dr. Savas Parastatidis
Research Associate - University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK