[Mono-list] Open Source Class Library for .NET

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
07 Sep 2001 12:07:11 -0400

> have you heard about the OCL (Open Class Library) from Intel. This is an
> open source project and implements the BCL (Base Class Library) of the ECMA
> standard. This is also a great project (like yours) and it would free more
> ressources if the BCL is only implemented once...

yes, we have. 

OCL is mostly a way of making sure that the spec as published *does*
compile, rather than a complete class library. 

Most of the OLC is generated from a specification and contains little
code (indeed, there are only a handful of classes that contain stuff
other than the automatically generated skeletons).  

At this point we do have something close to 350 working classes which
have real code in them, so we are sort of ahead ;-)