[Mono-list] Using the JB2Csharp port for Mono "requires" a flex scanner

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 00:49:42 +0900


JB was built with the assumption that you would have both a flex lexical
grammer and a bison syntactic grammar.  You used Jay and only have the
syntactical grammer.  The lexical grammer is in cs-tokenizer.cs code (I

I am wondering if you inteded to make a cs.lex, the flex grammer, in order
to use any JB port.  Or maybe you have one that you made, but didn't put
into CVS.  I would like to test the JB port on mono's grammers.

If not, how do you suggest I most easily make one?  I think the
cs-tokenizer.cs might be easily transformed into a cs.lex, but maybe you
know an easier way.

I hope to have an alpha for testing by the end of this weekend.  It only
will do C#, but that will be good for what you need it for, at least.

Nick D.