[Mono-list] Subject: What's happening with Threading (where is Michael L?)

Nicholas Hynes Nicholas Hynes" <nhynes@ezysurf.co.nz
Thu, 6 Sep 2001 22:38:50 +1200

> Still here an breathing..  What is the question?

Hi Michael. Well met.

Your email accounts have been playing up. email.com is bouncing, and I can't
even connect to Bellsouth.

I tried to send you this e-mail some time ago...


> I am not familiar with GUnit.

Oopse, that's a typo, I meant NUnit. I know nothing about it, but someone
says (testing page of the go-mono site) that it could be useful. It's a
unit testing utility - it may not be suitable for thread testing(?)

> IntPtr.cs and UIntPtr.cs both need tests to insure that they don't
> mangle/truncate pointers on assignment.  How familiar are you with

'mangle pointers on assignment' oooh Ah! Sounds like fun... :].

pthreads are no problem either. I've done a substantial amount of coding
using threads, condition variables, etc.

I'm looking around for a cheap NT/2000 license this w/e, and should be ready
to do some coding next week some time. Just point me in the right direction
& press go. Could possibly do some low-level stuff (read 'C programming')
with my current Linux set up - let me know.

P.S. Is there a list of the entire class library somewhere? I couldn't see
one in the language spec, and it's not clear from the go-mono site whether
the 'class status' page contains an entire list.

- Nick


I now have the W2000 license, and have .NET SDK installed.


Still looking around for a good book. But have the .NET documentation for
those long nights...

- Nick.