[Mono-list] FW: [Ocl-general] Questions about OCL

Thomas F. Burdick tfb@OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu, 6 Sep 2001 18:44:55 -0700

A Rafael D Teixeira writes:
 > I think that as far as a reflection-based stub generator produces the SAME 
 > information as published in the ECMA documentation, which is public and 
 > MEANT to be used by implementers, it is LICIT to use it. That is because you 
 > are just automating what one would have to do by reading the documentation 
 > and typing appropriate input in the code editor.
 > The problem is that by using reflection you'll probably find many more 
 > classes/methods than the ones in the ECMA docs, and USING THAT EXTRA 
 > INFORMATION in any way may be qualified as reverse engineering.

My point was that it's not *just* reverse engineering -- which can be
done in a perfectly okay, lega manner -- but, depending on the nature
of the reflection, may actually be more like a derived work.