[Mono-list] Performance issue

Alexander Klyubin klyubin@aqris.com
Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:37:21 +0300

In Java, for example, performance of GUI is slow because of many levels of
indirection between Java's GUI API (AWT/Swing) and platform's one. This
indirection is because of platform independency. This same performance might
apply to C#/any .NET language. Note that I don't really know much about GUI
packages of .NET.

Alexander Klyubin

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i recently write a graphical C# application which is also computing
intensive. (in fact memory move)
i had the bad surprise to see that it was a bit slower  than the same
demo in pure C.

this is very annoying. Does someone know if there is performance issue
considering C# ?
i believe it was same performance than natively compiled code ?

Has anybody experience or knowledge on his topic ?

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