[Mono-list] Performance issue

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 17:10:58 +0100


I'll assume that you're not measuring performance on the first run, where
the code gets JITed, and that you're working on an MS platform...

C# has always been touted as *close* to C/C++ in performance, but not quite
meeting it. For a few tasks C# will alledgedly beat C/C++ but for most it'll
fall short.... I'll try and track down the article that I was reading which
contained comparison bench marks.

One might hope that as C# compilers mature some perfomance can be gained,
but certainly my expectation was never that a C#, or indeed any managed app
would be looking to equal C (or possibly other unmanaged natively compiled
apps) in performance.... simply that they would get up into the same

 i had the bad surprise to see that it was a bit slower

I'd be interested to know how much slower.... and whether the code was
managed or unmanaged.... if it came close to performance I'd be impressed.

I'd also be interested to know the degree to which the MS C# compiler
optopmises unmanaged code... sometimes when you think you're getting an
improvement by handling something manually you aren't as you [possibly] cut
yourself out of existing optomisations... not sure just proposing something
for consideration, you have to be careful with compilers.... I'll leave it
to more technically informed people to comment.

The reason why I ask is that I see you refering to a memory move....
something that one wouldn't normally consider (directly) within a C# app.

It's to be noted that I don't see C# being advocated for the production of
low level OS compontents or hardware drivers... one has to consider C#s
domain of concern... probably easier at this point to identify what isn't
its area of concern that what is.

It'll be a while before we see Quake written in C#

That isn't a concern though.


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> i recently write a graphical C# application which is also computing
> intensive. (in fact memory move)
> i had the bad surprise to see that it was a bit slower  than the same
> demo in pure C.
> this is very annoying. Does someone know if there is performance issue
> considering C# ?
> i believe it was same performance than natively compiled code ?
> Has anybody experience or knowledge on his topic ?
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