[Mono-list] System.Windows.Forms.Control displayed in IE help !

Lloyd Dupont lloyd@galador.net
Sat, 01 Sep 2001 15:35:50 +0200

In fact, for me, it was a server problem.
for you may be you should upgrade to IE6 and/or w2000 ?

for me, my example don't work but, following advice of the guy who do it
i put my example on brinkster 

and it works !
there is some trick in HTTP server discussion.

you, who seem more easy with HTTP command, could you try to investigate

BTW my workin example on brinckster could be found at:

BTW i have an other question you might be interested in the answer and
could even know it ....
in my problems i have 2 DLL to load. my control and third party one
which are not assembly, do you know how could i do it ?