[Mono-list] StringBuilder continued

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 Oct 2001 01:53:11 -0500

On Sun, 2001-10-28 at 20:26, Nick Drochak wrote:
> | (for the System.Reflection.Emit code).  Lets give Paolo a chance to
> | finish this and then we can remove the warnings.
> Yes I realized that after I took a look at the sources. However, this will
> probably not be the only time this situation will come up. Would it be a
> good idea to include a switch to the compiler for "in flux" sources to
> suppress those warnings?  Namely the CS0649 and CS0169 warnings?  I don't
> know if this is possible to do in the Nant build files selectively for
> particular source files.

It is not really possible, because the warning flag applies to the
entire assembly.  I say that we should rather aim towards removing all
warnings on the long run, but we can add the /nowarn switches for these
in the meantime if it is going to help us robustify the code we have.

I bet robustify is not a word.

> A good beginning might be to include at the end of the build process a call
> to the console version of NUnit for all the test dll's.  I do this manually
> now anyway for corlib.  I don't have enough (read "any") experience with
> Nant to make that change myself, however.

How do you run NUnit in console mode?  Can you post some few
instructions?  I would love to help fix some of the errors if I knew how
to do it ;-)

> Agreed.  I would suggest we add something to the web site that explains
> that.  In the meantime, perhaps we should notify the class maintainer of any
> class that currently does not pass unit tests, and see if they can provide a
> fix.  If they can not, for whatever reason, or do not respond within a
> couple of days then we request that someone else take on the task. Also, as
> Joel S. suggests, we should not be adding any new classes or functionality
> until all the tests pass. These are, by definition, "known bugs."

I agree in principle, but given the nature of the project (its
distributedness, its compartimentalization, the stuff that we maintain
and develop independently of the contributions) it is hard to do (I bet
more words in the above paragraph dont exit)

> I did indeed commit those.  Over the weekend I added parameter checking to
> the StringBuilder constructors and throw appropriate exceptions now, just
> like the MS class.  However, I didn't get to check that in yet.  I will do
> so when I get home tonight. I was distracted when my 3 year old put a bunch
> of melted chocolate all over my keyboard :).

Oh so sweet!  Do you have pictures? ;-)