[Mono-list] StringBuilder continued

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 Oct 2001 07:43:08 -0500

> Two related issues about building and tests that I noticed: 1) the build
> spits out a bunch of warnings about unused fields, etc.  When do we
> worry about and fix those?  

Most of the warnings are in a piece of code that is currently in flux
(for the System.Reflection.Emit code).  Lets give Paolo a chance to
finish this and then we can remove the warnings. 

> 2) A lot, maybe most, of the unit tests
> fail.  In fact, if I try to run all the tests for corlib_test.dll, my
> NUnitGUI just ups and disappears after a couple of seconds!  No GPF or
> anything.  This is most troubling.

Yes, we have noticed this.  We need to begin somewhere to fix those
problems though.

> The whole point and benefit of the unit tests is lost if we just ignore
> the fact that they are not working.  Or, am I the only one bothered by
> this?  Maybe my machine is the only one acting this way?

I would love to fix the unit tests, because they are radically
important.  Indeed, for the compiler we do not commit code unless all
the tests pass.

We should have a system like this for the class libraries. 

> Anyway, attached is the diff of my changes for today (in diff -u format
> for easy reading :).

Did you get a chance to put those on CVS?