[Mono-list] Re: Making MCS parse many syntaxes (again), and trying to make it compile itself

Ravi Pratap M ravi@ximian.com
28 Oct 2001 08:10:52 +0530

Hey Rafael,

	Well, looks like Miguel has gone to sleep already :-) Okay, I have the
stuff with me. I shall apply them in my tree and commit when I have
Miguel's approval. I also have some other things that I need to commit

	Miguel, lemme know when you are up. I will merge these in on your word
unless you want to do it yourself in which case, just tell me that too



On Sun, 2001-10-28 at 02:27, A Rafael D Teixeira wrote:
> Miguel, Ravi apply the attached patches and add these items to the 
> CHANGELOG, please.

"If you're smart, you'll be humble. There always is somebody
who hasn't read a book and knows twice as much as you do."

              -- David Duchovny in Readers' Digest

	Ravi Pratap M                    <ravi@ximian.com>