[Mono-list] integrate python in mcs

Tobias Florek tflorek@web.de
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:52:40 +0200


thx miguel for your answer, i read something about bison and yacc, and think 
that i am now ready to (begin to) think about python for .net seriously.

in my opinion, its best to integrate python into mcs, as rafael is doing with 
i'll be in holiday next week and will take a copy of mcs' sourcecode with me 
and see how python could fit into...

brief guidance (how i could start... ) of you, rafael, is welcome, if you 
could post it in a day or so (i wont be able to check my mails afterwards :-(
anyway i'll go thru the code and will make conceptions...


Tobias Florek

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