[Mono-list] PDC, here is a plan.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
24 Oct 2001 08:07:45 -0400

Ok, sorry for all the confussion. 

So here is a concrete plan for those interested in talking about Mono or
Open Source and .NET at the PDC conference:

   We will meet under on the right side of the stairs which are in front
of the lunch hall tomorrow at 11:30 (I guess we can wait 10 minutes for
people to show up).  

   I am walking around with an "OReilly Open Source Convention" back
pack (never known how to spell this word, only heard it ;-).  And I will
try to be wearing my GNOME T-Shirt.  It is so cold here, that I am not
convinced that wearing a T-Shirt is a good idea, but I will try