[Mono-list] Any thoughts on .Net My Services?

G.Taylor gtaylor@orbitalm.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:56:55 +0200

I may be wrong, in my understandings, but will try and address points as
they come up.

> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone working on Mono has taken a look at .Net
> My Services (Hailstorm) and what your thoughts are on it.

I'm quite anbivilient about it, I think that Microsoft are shooting
themeselves in the foot here, however I'm no analyst, and the guys at MS are
bright, and know what they are doing. So I'm going to watch with interest.

> Is the
> Mono project/ximian going to try and accomplish the same sort of
> project as an alternative to the MS approach. I'm sure that the
> main goal right now is getting Mono into a finished stable form but
> I was just curious what everyone's thought on it are.

 I think the point was more to extend .Net not try to compete against it,
try to extend it to a linux base.

> I'm not against
> MS, but I believe that competition/alternatives breed innovation and
> ultimately benefit everyone.

Diveristy breeds innovation :) I'm not going to use vaourware like "best of
breed", but we have to remember that IT is just a tool, some tools are
better at certain things than others. A good craftsman knows how to use all
his tools well. (Get your min out the gutter :P)

Guy Taylor
Interface and Systems Developer
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