[Mono-list] python scripting

Tobias Florek tflorek@web.de
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 08:54:48 +0200

rafael teixeira wrote:
> You can also work from inside our mcs compiler suite [...]

well, nice idea, i thought i could get way around compilers (remember i'm a 
python programmer), but you are right.

i think starting in a project, that will undergo major changes in near future 
(jay to jb2csharp) is awkward (not meant offensive, rafael). 
so what do you guys think about me working on jb2csharp?
i think some python rules (semantic, etc) will fit better in the upcoming 
world domination (at least mcs-domination) project jb2csharp.

oh and thanx robert n deviasse for your nice (and detailed) answer.
i' go thru the ruby for .net source and see what i can get out of it.
 < attention please!! its japanese! >

Tobias Florek

good coding!