[Mono-list] IL Disassembler

Srivastava, Animesh Animesh.Srivastava@dresdner-bank.com
Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:44:54 +0100

Hi All, 
	Though the very first page at http://go-mono.com/index.html lists
that Sergey has implemented ildasm, Sergey's mails says that he has actually
implemented an il assembler, and his code too is of an assembler. Possibly
there is a mistake on the index.html file which needs to be confirmed and
perhaps corrected. If Sergey or anyone else has implemented the dissambler
(which I think is not yet the case) then please clarify.
	I am concerned as I am implementing the IL disassembler tool. I
think it might be a useful thing for implementing the debugger (if we plan
to implement an assembly debugger also like the way Visual Studio right now

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