[Mono-list] PInvoke and true portability bet Win & Linux

Darrin Thompson dthompson@characterlink.net
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 09:30:15 -0500

Guy Murphy wrote:

>There's quite a few Windows developers watching Mono now.... we going to
>resort to the old zealotry and try and chase them away?... I'd normaly let
>this sort of thing slide, but it has crippled so many communities that it
>would be a shame to see it occuring in an area that has so much promise for
>Linux/Windows cross development.
Thanks for that well thought out comment. MS isn't going to just start 
playing nice with everybody overnight. But they are competing by making 
their .NET better than anyone else's and daring us to try to do better. 
This is the right thing to do and a real leap in the right direction. We 
all stand to gain by competing on implementing some well thought out 
standards and coming up with awesome extensions to them. I'd like to be 
a part of this community welcoming MS into this kind of practice.