[Mono-list] Re: .NET and Mono. Call for action: ask for retraction

Toby Watson toby@tui.co.uk
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 11:15:07 +0100

> IMHO, we're only "doing quite well with 25 year old
> technolog[ies]" today because they were developed and fully
> fleshed out without much in the way of "help" from Microsoft.


But they were developed by a predominant monopolist with some of the best
researchers in the business, working both internally and externally. That
role has now passed to Microsoft.

As an example : http://research.microsoft.com/users/simonpj/



Perhaps - since this project is happening anyway - it would be useful to
author some kind of note of vigilance. What are the dangers? Where in the
code and what usage will bring them about?