[Mono-list] CVS contributors.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
30 Jul 2001 00:24:21 -0400

It seems I distributed an incorrect document on how to use CVS.

Please use the following CVSROOT:

	export CVSROOT=username@mono-cvs.ximian.com:/cvs/public

Then type:

	ssh-agent /bin/bash

Enter your passowrd there.

Ignore the bit about using `cvs login'.  It is not required for the
SSH access method (cvs login is only used by pserver, which we are not

I have included the new version of the cvs document.


* CVS Access

	If you are an active Mono developer, you can get a CVS account
	that hosts the Mono source code.

	Send an e-mail to miguel with your public SSH key for this purpose.

	You will need CVS and SSH.  Windows users can get both by
	installing Cygwin (<a

	Unix users will probably have those tools installed already.

** Checking out the sources

	To check out the sources for the first time from the
	repository, use this command:

	export CVS_RSH=ssh
	export CVSROOT=username@mono-cvs.ximian.com:/cvs/public
	cvs -z3 co mcs mono

** Updating your sources

	Every day people will be making changes, to get your latest
	updated sources, use:

	cvs -z3 update mcs mono

** Making patches

	Usually you will want to make a patch to contribute, and let
	other people review it before commiting it.  To obtain such a
	"patch", you type:
	cd directory-you-want-to-diff
	cvs -z3 diff -u > file.diff
	mail mono-list@ximian.com < file.diff

** Commiting your work

	Once you get approval to commit to the CVS, or if you are
	commiting code that you are the maintainer of, you will want
	to commit your code to CVS. 

	To do this, you have to "add" any new files that you created:

	cvs add new-file.c

	And then commit your changes to the repository:

	cvs commit .

** The Mailing List

	To keep track of the various development and changes to the
	CVS tree, you can subscribe to the mono-cvs-list@ximian.com.
	To subscribe, send an email message to
	mono-cvs-list-request@ximian.com and in the body of the
	message put `subscribe'.

	This will send you an email message every time a change is
	made to the CVS repository, together with the information that
	the author of the changes submitted.
** Recommendations

	Please do not commit code that would break the compile to the
	CVS, because that normally wastes everybody's time.  

	Make sure that you add all the files before you do a commit.

	Use ChangeLog entries so we can keep textual descriptions of
	your work, and use the contents of your ChangeLog file as the
	CVS commit message (ie, paste the contents of this into the
	editor buffer).

	If you are making changes to someone else's code, please make
	sure you get in touch with the maintainer of that code before
	applying patches.  You want to avoid commiting conflicting
	work to someone else's code.