[Mono-list] Update on tasks (a compromise solution?) & Java notes

Jay Freeman (saurik) saurik@saurik.com
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 23:51:30 -0500


My response to the first part of your e-mail is taking longer than I had
hoped, so I am going to respond to the Java part quickly and then get back
to typing:

The Java comments weren't directed at you, they were just tacked onto this
thread, I should have gone back and quoted Miguel's original message where
he mentions a Java compiler as a project people could work on, specifically
working off of Guavac (both here and in at least 2 previous e-mails on the
list, and in a few in the "time before").  I apologize if it sounded as if
those were supposed to be connected, I was trying to alleviate that by
adding on an extra note to the subject line and the lack of a "Robert:".

<quote src="Miguel">
TODO=guavac,Java compiler for .NET
* You could take one of the existing Java compilers
  (Guavac comes to mind as it is so nice) and modify
  it to generate .NET code rather than JVM byte

  This should be a pretty straightforward task.
  Guavac has the advantage of being written in C++ and
  it could be compiled with the Microsoft Managed C++
  compiler and produce a .NET executable with it.

I'll respond to a comment you made, however:

No, any drastic change in the foundations will not have a drastic effect on
my project as I am working with .NET's Emit API and prefer working with
Windows development tools.  I used public domain code (talk about free) to
construct my parser.  I am not bound to any code licenses on anything I have
so far.  If I ever need to, I have my own meta data parsing technology; the
one that no one else wanted for any purpose other than to cannibilize, it's
a little rickity, but its mine, it works, and it is stable enough to support
my Mark I decompiler.  When I finish it, I am going to use my Mark III
decompiler to do code optimization and validation.  When I say I am not
integrating much I mean I am not even _using_, not just that I will not
become a part of.  My project and I are a self-contained entity in the sea
of your compromises :-).

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> It sounds like you have a great solution, but I don't think what I've
> said should affect you (assuming anyone else agrees with what I
> suggested). I was talking about bootstrapping the foundation so that it
> could run on Unix or Windows. Language implementations for .Net, in my
> book at least, are peripheral technologies. Any drastic change in the
> foundations will have a drastic affect on your project, but the reverse
> isn't true. You've basically stated this when you said "I'm unlikely to
> ...integrate with the Mono environment, although I doubt that is much
> of an issue".
> Take care,
>     Robert