[Mono-list] Compromises, and the lack thereof

Rhys Weatherley rweather@zip.com.au
Sun, 29 Jul 2001 14:25:08 +1000

Robert Deviasse wrote:

> So, Miguel, could Rhys's work be temporarily used until all
> the foundations are in place?

According to the Macquarie Dictionary:

    compromise (n): 1. a settlement of differences by mutual
    concessions.  2. ...

I agree with Jay: your proposal is not a compromise.  No one
would agree to a concession where the eventual goal is
to throw that person's work away.  How can I attract
contributors to a project slated for destruction?

Besides, I have already offered a compromise to Miguel:
Portable.NET concentrates on the C# compiler and toolchain
issues, and Mono concentrates on the C# library.  We each
use each other's work and agree not to step on each other's
toes.  This proposal, involving concessions on both sides,
was rejected by Miguel.  He wants to own everything.

Obviously I'm wasting my time trying to find some way
to co-exist with Mono.