[Mono-list] Embrace and extend.

Jonathan LaCour panix-lists@skinnee.net
23 Jul 2001 01:17:56 -0400

Okay, I think that its clear that the best option is to implement
anything apart from the standard in a separate namespace.  It seems to
me that diverging from the standard could potentially hurt us down the
road, and could confuse developers attempting to write applications that
will run on both Mono and Microsoft's implementation.

Secondly, I would like to note that in cases such as the cited
System.Security.Cryptography it would seem to make senes to make
proposed changes to the standard to the ECMA.  I know very little about
the ECMA, but for a standard to be effective and widely accepted,
opportunity for positive change should be available.  Would this be
possible?  It seems everyone would benefit from this kind of action.

 - Jonathan LaCour

On 22 Jul 2001 23:35:37 -0500, Matthew S. Ford wrote:
> Mono List,
> A subject I would like to see discussed is extending the class library 
> that Microsoft has.
> I can see arguments on both sides of this issue.
> For extending : Microsoft's class library is very minimal in some 
> area's.  The System.Security.Cryptography library feels really bare. 
>  They do not even implement BlowFish.  Why should we not implement 
> something just because Microsoft didn't?
> Against extending : Even though different in spirit, this is in practice 
> similar to activities that Microsoft has done before that annoy's all of 
> us to death.  Even though it would be nice to have those classes, it 
> would break compatibility.
> Middle ground might be to say to implement these classes in a different 
> namespace but that would be a hideous solution.
> I imagine Miguel will have final say in this but discussion will 
> hopefully give a decent solution.  Maybe one not listed here.  Apologies 
> if already discussed but overlooked.
> From,
> Matthew S. Ford
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