[Mono-list] JVM performance: JVM as a basis for CLR

Tom tom7ca@yahoo.com
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 18:33:30 -0700 (PDT)

> > Sun has two JITs, one that generates slow code and
> > one that generates fast code.  You need to use the
> > "-server" flag to get the fast one.
> My Sun JVM rejects the "-server" flag.

Then you should upgrade--it's out of date.

> PS	My version of the C# port of convj performs at
> least 20% better than the version you supplied. 

Other than the variable names, I can't see any
difference between the two versions.  Can you point
to where they are different?

BTW, what I posted isn't "representative benchmarks",
it's two microbenchmarks.  All they tell me is
that a JVM isn't uniformly bad compared to a CLR;
To get an overall idea of a reasonably broad range of 
performance parameters, someone would need to port, 
say, the Gabriel benchmarks. 

So, overall, I wouldn't get hung up on these 
particular two microbenchmarks.


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