[Mono-list] JVM performance: JVM as a basis for CLR

Sujal Shah sujal@sujal.net
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:49:43 -0400

Tom wrote:
> Given that there have been lots of arguments against
> basing a Mono runtime (CLI/CLR) on a JVM based on
> performance, I was curious to see how well Microsoft's
> CRL compares to Java VMs in terms of performance.  So,
> without claiming that these are anywhere near complete
> benchmarks, I tested two simple cases: "fib" and
> "convolution".
> On the "fib" benchmark (mostly function calls), CLR
> performs considerably worse than Sun's JVM.  On the
> convolution benchmark, they perform about the same.  I
> gave the CLR the benefit of the doubt and compiled
> with "/unsafe+ /checked-".  Based on these little
> benchmarks, I see no performance advantage to CLR.
> This seems in agreement with other recent comparisons
> of CLR and JVM.  I have yet to see any reproducible
> evidence that the CLR actually performs significantly
> better on any task; if you know of any (including
> source code), I'd like to know about it.

At the risk of sounding naive, doesn't this make sense?  The CLR and C#
are basically the same technology as the JVM and Java.  Minor technical
differences aside (i.e. extra/different semantics, some type
differences, etc), the two platforms are more or less the same general
design with some changes in the details.  The only thing I see that
would lead me to believe that .NET had something new/better/interesting
is that they clearly define the ability for any language to compile to
the CLR (because of the CTS, if I understand everything correctly).

Had Sun chosen this path with Java, we would have the same language

In other words, why would anyone expect any significant difference in
performance, especially with .NET/C# being better?  If I'm correct in my
assumptions above, one would have to expect the Beta product (relatively
early in it's devel cycle, even if they have the benefit of "lessons
learned" from the development/growth of Java) to perform worse than the
mature, tuned, and refined product, yes?


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